Friday, March 26, 2010


Thanks so much everyone for your comments. I just loved reading them and all your kind words.  I really do love what I do.  I particularly loved the comments on your little girls being obsessed with handbags.  I remember when my daughter was little she had a shoe fettish.  I lost her one time in a shopping centre but I found her, some frantic minutes later, in a shoe shop trying on the pretty shoes.  Now she has a bag fettish, agggh! DIOR!!!

Anyway, enough about me.  After reading and re-reading your comments, and I found it really really hard to decide on the winners, especially with the handbag as a lot of your comments were almost the same.  I've decided.

The winner for the dress is: 

HAYLIE: for her comment below.

My little miss Molly is a real ray of sunshine.. Just like the yellow in your gorgeous dress. Your colours & style would suit her personality to a tee - bright, vibrant and one of kind!

Love your work Ann :o)

And the winner for the bag is:

ALLIE:  for her comment below:

I love your dresses, but at the moment my daughter who is one has decided that she now likes handbags and takes mine.  So it is forever filled with her toys etc etc!  Great when I go out and forget to do the spot check!

Thanks hun.
Allie xo

Well done Haylie and Allie I'll email you both soon.  I'm sorry everyone couldn't win as the comments were all really great. 

However, I would like to give a special mention to Kym with this wonderful comment:

A little dress for me,
For my little girl to wear and everyone can see,
How gorgeous Puddlelane clothes are,
Designs and colours to make your little one feel like a star!

Thanks Kym Teale :)

I will be contacting you soon Kym with a special little offer for you.
Thanks again everyone.  How exciting and enjoyable was this.  Keep watching my fb page as I'm bringing out more beautiful skirts in the next day or too.

Thanks for stopping by.

X Ann


  1. Oh WOW!! Thank you SO much Ann, I can't wait to see Molly in your stunning little dress!!

    *insert happy dance* :o)

  2. congratulations...shows me I need to read things more carefully I didnt realise it was the best entry that would win lol....
    love your stuff and well done to the 2 winners!