Friday, June 11, 2010


When I have spare time away from 1 Puddle Lane I like to paint.  Actually, I've been going to an art class every Monday for about 3 years and I love it.  I've always wanted to paint and I thought when I retire I will have proper lessons and that's what I did 3 years ago.  I'm only really semi retired at the moment but I thought it was a good time to start.

My little group of 10 ladies is having an art exhibition on the 6th August to 11th August at the Circle Gallery at West End in Brisbane.  So if you live in Brisbane why don't you come along.  The art that will be on display is of a very high standard and reasonably priced.  They are all really talented ladies and a nice group to be with.

The top yellow painting is one of my first paintings I did and it's of my daughter Kate.  The bottom 2 will be in the art exhibition.

Would love to see you there.  If you want to come I can email an invitation to you.

Ann x


  1. I love these paintings, they are just really beautiful and your very talented to be able to paint, i studied fashion coz i like to sew but that came with drawing to and i always hated the drawing side coz i was never any good at it so i would love to have this kind of talent.

  2. Hi Karmi84,
    Thanks for your kind comments. I studied fashion years ago and I hated the art and drawing lessons but I've now found a really lovely teacher who helps me and pushs me to do better. Maybe to do have a hidden talent but just need a good teacher to help you. Try again you may be surprise. :)

  3. Gorgeous Ann, what a talent you are!! All the best for the show :)

  4. Thanks Nat, should be really exciting:)