Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HAPPY CUSTOMER INTERVIEW #1 - my gorgeous little model Gaby - the face of 1 Puddle Lane

Each week I'll be interviewing one of 1 Puddle Lane's happy customers and putting them in the spotlight.  And to start things off this week my gorgeous little model Gaby tells us a little bit about herself.

Hi Gaby, how old are you?  I'm 3 turning 4 this month.  I like to trick people and tell them I'm turning 5 just like my cousin in England.  

Where do you live?  I live in Brisbane with my mummy, daddy and Nicky Dean....my little brother.

What do you do during the day?  I love to go to the park and play on the slide with my mum and brother Nick.  I go to Kindy on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and I love playing, painting and dressing up with all my friends.  I also go to Kind Ballet on Mondays.  I love dressing up in my pink tutu! I also love swimming in my pool.

What is your favourite food?  My favourite food is ice-cream and any flavour.  If I had my way I would have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  But mum says I have to have other foods to help me grow big and strong.

What is your least favourite food?  I don't like tomatoes.  Mum sometimes tries to hide the tomatoes in my favourite foods, but I'm too clever and pick them out!

Who is your favourite person and why?  My favourite person is my friend Savannah.  I miss her soooo much, she lives in Townsville.  I love it when she and her family come to visit.

What is your favourite joke?  We don't really know any jokes.

What is your favourite 1 Puddle Lane dress?  I love all my 1 Puddle Lane outfits.  My most favourite is my yellow over the shoulder floral dress.

And Gaby what would you like to be when you grow up?  I want to be a mummy when I grow up, just like my mummy.

Thank you Gaby for letting me interview you to find out a bit more about you. 

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  1. That is simple adorable. Can't wait to read next weeks!

  2. thanks Jane......the little girls interviews are just so cute. i'm quite ready to be a grandma lol!!

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