Monday, August 29, 2011

NEW PRODUCT - Blossom Party Skirts for you Gorgeous Mumma's

I've been wanting to create something gorgeous for all you Mumma's out there.  I thought it was time for you Mumma's to treat yourselves to something nice.  And after a quite a few months of designing, sketching, tweeking I've created this gorgeous Blossom Party Skirt.  I absolutely love my new skirt it is so beautiful to wear and every time I wear it it makes me feel very girly!   Pop on a white or coloured tee with a wide belt and off you go for the day looking very feminine!  The weather is already starting to warm up in parts and I just want to embrace it with a cool and girly skirt.

The Blossom Party Skirt features either a gathered or pleated skirt is pleated.......a side zip,  waistband and button.  Each skirt will be CUSTOM MADE just for you so all I need is your waist measurement.  It comes with a standard length of 85cm (25") just below the knee but if you need it longer it will cost a few more dollars.  I have a fabric album on my facebook page for you to choose the skirt that's just right for you.  But if you already have fabric in mind, that's great, just let me know!  I will have more style ideas for this skirt just in time for summer.  The Blossom Party Skirt is priced from $58.

I just love my gorgeous new addition to 1 Puddle Lane and it will be available for order in October.  Pre-orders are very welcome you can secure your order early!

Please let me know what you think....I would love your feedback. 


  1. SOLD!

    Oh my goodness I love it!

    Well done Ann - woohoo

  2. Thanks's yours lol! Deb a pleated skirt is very flattering to the female figure!

    Thank you Country Stitchin!!