Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do you have a New Years Resolution?

Do you?

I haven't had a New Years resolution for years as I didn't believe in them and, well, they didn't last long.  So, what happened this New Years to change my mind?  Well, everyone was talking about their New Years resolutions and I thought "Nup, not for me" probably because I didn't know what I wanted to change as I was happy with how things were or so I thought!

It wasn't until the last day of the year that I had an epiphany.  I had just one strong, loud thought.  I WANT TO BE MORE ORGANISED AND NOT SO LAZY THIS YEAR!  I got so excited with this that I instantly had ideas and energy to boot.  My kids thought I was on something I'm sure!  But it was so strong and felt good I went with it.

So, how have I started to be more organised and less lazy?  First, I not only wrote my Business Goals for the year but also my Personal Goals for the year too!  I found my newest best friend....courtesy of my hubby, who is also my best friend......that could help me with this.  WorkFlowy  Unbelievable is all I can say!  Go check it out!  It's a simple list creation.

Next, to stop myself getting lazy I decided to do things differently to how I did them last year and that was to do them more deliberate and slowly...... as last year I'd go bull-at-a-gate and completely exhaust myself and then I'd get lazy and not want to complete the job.

And I've decided to enjoy everything I do this year and be more mindful of what I do and to slow it down.  Yes, that includes enjoying the washing, cleaning, cooking and really make friends with them.  So the first challenge on my list was to start with the garden.  I knew I had a big job ahead of me.  My challenge was to tidy up the garden and rip out all the ferns and to declutter the garden.  So I pulled out each clump of fern bit by bit and only focused on my task at hand and before I knew it I had it done in 3 days.  But I would only do it at the coolest part of the day and only for a few hours each day with lots of rests along the way.  But I got there.  I'm so proud of the work I accomplished and it's spurred me on to tackle the inside of the house.  To declutter and to repaint ahhh!  I know I can do it! Just do it step by step!

Ta da!!!!
I've also started a herb garden.....but there's not much to see there.  It's just dirt in a pot at the moment!

Now it's your turn!  What wonderful and exciting goals do you have for yourself this year?

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