Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Photo-a-day Challenge.......so far!

I've decided to tackle the Photo-a-Day Challenge that Fat Mum Slim has organised.  I thought it would be a chore but I have to say I'm having a lot of fun and trying to think outside the square of the norm!

Here they are so far!  Enjoy!

Day 1 - Your view of today...... this is my lovely walk I take in the morning through a beautiful park nearby

Day 2 - Words - says it all.....what I need to do as some stage everyday

Day 3 - Hands - what I do everyday with my hands......and I love it!

Day 4 - A Stranger - I found a little stranger eating all my basil and parsley!

Day 5 - 10am - My most favourite photo of our European holiday last September.  Me taking a photo of my hubby taking a photo of the breathtaking scenery on Santorini in Greece. Sigh!!

Day 6 - Dinner - Another wonderful memory of our European holiday.  A cooking course in Tuscany.  Bellissimo! and we got to eat is all as well!

Day 7 - Button - this is from my very gorgeous, very favourite winter jacket.

More to come in 7 days time.

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