Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blossom Party Dress - MARKET NIGHT

Do you have a special occasion coming up soon or just want to reward yourself with a pretty new dress?

My gorgeous happy customers wearing their new Blossom Party Dresses
Well, I'm so excited to be having my first Market Night this Wednesday 29th Feb, 8pm Qld time, for my new Blossom Party Dresses.  (Kids clothes Market Night will be following in 2 weeks time)

It's been overwhelming with the response for my new dresses (thank you) and to keep order in my life and to be able to work on my children's range as well I'll only be opening orders for my dresses 1 night per month with 10 custom spots available.  Also, I need to do a bulk order of fabric which will keep your costs and my costs down!

Ok, so here's how the Market Night will work.

  • I have an album set up for the night
  • proceedings will start at 8pm sharp (Qld time)
  • please write SOLD only if you want to make a purchase and only under the photo called "10 custom spots available" - please don't put a SOLD under the photos of the you may miss out!!
  • then you need to send me your order and postal address and we can go from there
  • if you miss out on being one of the lucky 10 to place an order check back with me in a few days as someone may have cancelled
  • if the 10 custom spots are taken please still write SOLD as someone may cancel and that way I can contact you
  • payment needs to be made within 7 days or your spot will go to the next person wishing to place an order
Now here's the best part:
  • if you are one of my VIP customers you will be able to grab a custom spot 1 hour before - 7pm Qld time.
  • to become a VIP customer you need to be on my email list.  If you would like to do this just enter your details to the right of this post.
As always, if you have any questions before the night please ask away....I'm here to help.

See you Wednesday night.

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  1. Oh ! How exciting.....I LOVE my Blossom dress and always get so many lovely comments when I wear it.
    Good luck for the market night, Ann.