Monday, March 19, 2012

I have a confession to make.....

I never liked wearing dresses! True!  Well, not that I didn't like wearing dresses it was more that I couldn't find a dress that suited me.  I always wore pants and shorts or jeans!

I've been searching for years to have a nice dress that suited me that I could wear comfortably.  The maxi dresses just didn't do it for me or suit my pear shaped body.  I felt like a tent.  Some dresses I liked in the shops were just too short for me.  I don't like my knees very much so I like my skirts and dresses just below the knee.

I had noticed the 50's style dresses in the shops and online and loved them and wondered how they would look on me.  So I made up the pattern with a pleated skirt as it is more flattering to the body with less bulk and Voila!!!! I'd found my dress and with loads of jumping around with excitement....again I think my children wondered what I was on......I made myself a few gorgeous, comfortable, flattering, feminine dresses.  And now I can't keep from wearing them.
I asked a little business group that I'm in what they thought and with loads of encouragement I decided to make and sell my Blossom Party dresses for ladies.

So if you are looking for a dress or don't think that dresses suit you ..... think again as there is something out there for everyone.  Maybe my Blossom Party dresses are right for you!

I'm so happy with my beautiful new feminine dresses!


  1. I'm normally a jeans gal also Ann, I am looking forward to packing them away very soon when my dress arrives. I just love it already from the picture xxx

  2. Hi Tamsin, I can't wait for your dress to arrive too. You are going to love it. AND I can't wait to see a little pic of you in your new dress! No pressure hahaha!