Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What's in a name.......

I'm so proud to announce the name for my range of ladies wear.

But before I do I'd like to tell you a bit of the background and how I arrived at her gorgeous new name.

I started making beautiful Blossom Party Dresses in Feb this year and with a big THANK YOU they have been received so well.  But it was the feedback that I was getting that prompted me to decide whether my dresses needed their own identity.  My lovely customers were saying how they felt so elegant, so confident and very feminine.  Also, their husbands and partners were very pleased too.

So my dresses were outgrowing the 1 Puddle Lane name (which is my children's wear range) and they needed to stand on their own two feet and be elegant and confident as they were making my customers feel.  I did a brainstorming session with a few close business colleagues and we came up with her name.  I wanted the name to exude elegance and still be part of 1 Puddle Lane but also to have her stand on her own.

So I'm proud to announce the name for my gorgeous range of ladies wear is:

Who is Audrey Lane?  Well, she is ELEGANT, CONFIDENT and when you wear one of my dresses she is YOU!

I'll be having an Audrey Lane Launch Night on Wednesday 30th May at 8pm Qld time.  There will be dress giveaways and discount vouchers to pick up.

So in the meantime........SPREAD THE WORD!.......and enjoy the photos from my recent photo shoot.
Photos done by Katie Walker-Smith Photograph


  1. I just ADORE the name and of course the dresses themselves too! So proud to see you expanding the business, and I can't wait until Market Night so I can buy one!!! They are DIVINE xx

  2. Hey Haylie,
    Thanks so much for your lovely feedback and kind words. AND thanks also for your continuing support.
    Very much appreciated.