Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Homespun Magazine Tutorial

I'm so excited to have had my tutorial published in the current issue of Homespun Magazine and to have a lot of you wanting to make your very own 1 Puddle Lane outfit.  It's a gorgeous little dress and you are going to love making it.

I have notice, however, that there is a typo with the measurements for the Skirt Trim.  The measurements should read:

size 1 - 5cm x 60cm x 2
size 2 - 5cm x 65cm x 2
size 3 - 5cm x 68cm x 2
size 4 - 5cm x 72cm x 2
size 5 - 5cm x 77cm x 2
size 6 - 5cm x 80cm x 2

If you do come across any other problems or would like some help please email me as I check my emails first before my facebook page.

Enjoy! And please send me a pic of your finished could win another 1 Puddle Lane pattern.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations Ann! I bought the magazine earlier in the week and got a lovely surprise to see you there! Looks beautiful.
    There's a few great handmade sellers in that edition.