Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's CRaZy prices time at 1 Puddle Lane....

I want to make one or two customers really happy each week.  

So, I've decided to give away on a regular basis one or two outfits from my winter range at a crazy price.  

One of these lucky people could be you.    

If you have been desiring a 1 Puddle Lane outfit for your little one for some time but haven't ordered it yet, then stick around 'cause you just may pick it up for a crazy price.

This (4th July) and every Wednesday for the next few weeks at 7pm (Qld time) I'll be giving away one or two 1 Puddle Lane outfits at a crazy 50% off plus $7.50 postage.  

The style and size will be determined by me.  So, if you want to influence me on what item and size to give away please comment below or on my facebook page.

These are some of the gorgeous outfits that will be selling for a crazy 50% off over the next few weeks.

Good luck and see you all on Wednesday!


  1. Ohh a winter pinny or a hoodie, or maybe the blue and red twirl skirt with the bow! all soo adorable and unique

  2. Winter Pinny in small size would be great particularly if offered at half price.

  3. I'll definitely be doing a Winter Pinny in small sizes in the next few weeks.