Monday, September 9, 2013

Sewing on Binding - Part 1

Over the next few blog posts I'll be showing you 5 different techniques for sewing on binding.

I love the use of bindings when I make my children's wear and ladies wear.  It's a great way to introduce a contrast colour on armholes, necklines, hemlines, pockets etc.  And also you can use a binding that is hidden instead using a facing.   

Bindings are a great way of keeping bulk down and making the garment light eg. if you are sewing a dress out of voile, binding round the neck and armholes would be a great finish to the garment without the bulk.

Today I'll be showing you my standard binding that I use of armholes, necklines and pockets.

Let's get started.

Cut your binding on the bias (45 degree angle) 3.2cm/1 1/4"wide.

Sew the binding and trim the corners.

Open out seam and iron flat.

Start with the wrong side of the garment and place the right side of the binding on top.

Stitch together 6mm/1/4" in from edge. 
N.B.  when sewing a bias binding on a curved edge make sure you pull the binding ever so slightly.  This makes for a better end finish.

Open out flat.

With the right side of the garment facing up fold the binding in to meet the raw edge.

Then fold in again and make sure the stitching is covered with the binding.

Top stitch the binding on the edge.

If you like you can do another row of stitching on the very edge of the binding.
I do this for all my binding work.  It gives it a better, cleaner and flatter finish.

Ok, that's it you are done.  Now go forth and create and let me know what you've done!

The next Binding Tutorial will be another way of attaching a binding.  

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