Monday, September 16, 2013

Sewing on Binding - Part 2

Ok, so this week I'm going to show you a binding that I use for lightweight fabric such as voile, knits, silks etc.  It is still a beautifully finished binding but it will be a lot quicker than the binding I showed you in Part 1 last week.

This dress is part of my Audrey Lane range of dresses for beautiful women.  It is made from the softest voile and to keep the light look and feel I made the binding the same as what I'm going to show you below.  The binding has been done around the neck and the sleeve hem. 

Let's get started!

Cut your binding on the bias (the same way I demonstrated in Part 1) 3.2cm/1 1/4" wide.  

Fold bias binding in half and iron.  

Attach your binding to the right side of your garment and sew together .6cm/1/4" stretching the binding ever so slightly.

Overlock/serve/zigzag stitch the edge.

Then top stitch close to the edge of the garment and binding on the right side and iron flat.

And here's what it looks like from the underside.

And that's it.  Easy Peasy!

Next week I'll show you how to do a binding that doesn't require it to be cut on the bias.

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