Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sewing on Binding - Part 4

This next binding I'll be showing you is not a decorative binding, it is more a functional binding.  It's great if you don't want to sew on a bulky facing on your armholes and sleeves.  It's fast and easy and looks really great!

But if you do want it to look decorative just reverse my instructions.  So instead of sewing the binding onto the right side and turning over and finishing off on the wrong side you'd sew the binding onto the wrong side and turn it over and finish off on the right side.  Very versatile!

So let's get started!

Cut your binding on the bias (the same way I demonstrated in Parts 1 & 2)  3.2cm /1 1/4"wide.

Fold bias binding in half and iron. 

Attach your binding to the right side of your garment and sew together .6cm/1/4" stretching the binding ever so slightly.

Now clip into the seam about every cm/1/4" depending on the curve of your seam.  Making sure you don't cut the stitching.

Fold the bias binding over and top stitch on the binding.

Now fold the binding over to the wrong side and stitch down on the edge of the binding.

And that's it, you're done!
Another great way to finish off your armholes, pockets, necklines and even hems.

Next week I'll be showing you how to attach a binding to a scalloped edge!

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