Tuesday, August 2, 2011

HAPPY CUSTOMER INTERVIEW #3 - with Maddie Dunkin

Each week I interview and showcase one special little 1 Puddle Lane happy customer.  This week I'm talking with Maddie Dunkin who is last week's Happy Customer Interview,Taya Dunkin's, little sister.

Hello Maddie, how old are you?  Hi, I'm 2

Where do you live?  I live in a house

What do you do during the day?  I play lots and watch Scooby Doo

What is your favourite food?  Favourite food is fizzy buttons, yum!!

What is your least favourite food?  Vegetables, YUK!!!

What is your favourite colour?  My favourite colour is Purple

What is your favourite pastime?  Favourite things to do are being chased and watching Scooby Doo (mum says she's a Scooby Doo freak lol!)

Do you have any pets?  dog, cat, tiger, lion, giraffe, bird, pig, cow (mum thinks she has just named every animal in her room lol!)

Who is your favourite person and why?  My favourite person is Taya, cos she plays with me

What annoys you?  Taya annoys me (lol!)
What is your favourite 1 Puddle Lane outfit Maddie and why?  I like the Broderie shorts and top set because it has a flower on it

And last question Maddie.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  I want to be a mummy when I grow up (Oh!! how cute!)

Thank you Maddie for letting me interview you and finding out a bit more about you.  I would love to have the same pets as you do.

Next week I'm going to be interviewing  Audrey Morrow and you are just going to love her pet.

If you would like your daughter to be in a Happy Customer Interview, please email 1puddlelane@gmail.com