Tuesday, August 9, 2011


 Each week I interview and showcase one special little 1 Puddle Lane Happy Customer.  This week I'm talking with Piper Munday.

Hello Piper how old are you?  I'm 2 years old

Where do you live?  I live in Ballarat, Victoria with my mummy and daddy.

What do you like doing during the day?  I do lots of fun things such as drawing, singing, dancing and play with friends while I'm at daycare.

What is your favourite food, Piper?  My favourite food is chicken nuggets and chips...YUM!!

What is your least favourite food?  Spaghetti Bolognaise

What is your favourite colour?  My favourite colour is Pink!

So Piper, what is your favourite pastime?  I really enjoy dancing.

Do you have any pets?  Not at the moment, but I would love a pet birdy!  (hint! hint! mummy!)

Who is your favourite person and why?  My mum is because she gives me cuddles and dances with me.

What annoys you the most?  Not getting my own way!

What is your favourite joke or riddle, Piper?  If fruit comes from a fruit tree, then what kind of tree does a chicken come from??  (Ooo! I don't know Piper)  A Poul-Tree!!!! hehehe!  (I love it Piper, very funny)

What is your favourite 1 Puddle Lane outfit and why?  I love all my 1 Puddle Lane outfits but my favourite is J'Adore as it is bright and pretty and I like spinning around in it!

And last question Piper.  What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Ballerina!!!  (too cute!)

Thank you Piper for letting me interview you and finding out a bit more about you.  I loved your joke it made me laugh a lot!  Thank you!

Next week I'm going to be interviewing  Audrey Morrow and you are just going to love her pet.

If you would like your daughter to be in a Happy Customer Interview, please email1puddlelane@gmail.com


  1. Ahhh how cute is Miss Piper...................I'm not biased at all............she's my niece!!!

  2. Little Miss Piper is just the cutest.......of course you can be biased Em!