Friday, October 14, 2011

The Dreaded Lurgy

Who would have thought after a fantastic 5 week trip to Hong Kong, Paris, Italy, Greece and Bangkok and feeling on top of the world ready to tackle anything when get back home........I'd be struck down with the Lurgy.

I call it Lurgy as I don't know what I have. It started with chills then a chesty cough then runny nose and just when I thought I was coming good, today has been my worst day and I've spent it lying down. I think my body has other plans for me and I need to give in, not fight it and let my hubby dote over me. What a sweetie!

I thought I should go to the doctor and get checked out just in case I've brought something nasty back from OS. But she said everything sounds good.....don't you hate that when clearly you're not well. So I'm on antibiotics.

I must be sick as I cancelled my much anticipated hair appointment today. My hair is really looking ferral but it will have to wait.

I did write in my holiday blog....Autumn In Europe....that just because I've finished my holiday adventure that there's no reason when I get home that I can't treat everyday as a new adventure. I didn't expect that my new adventures would start with the dreaded Lurgy.

So I'm going to settle back relax with my lovely peppermint tea and think good thoughts. And I'll be back on deck in no time!

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