Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Each week I interview and showcase one special little 1 Puddle Lane happy customer.  This week I'm talking with gorgeous little Meela Netten and she comes all the way from New Zealand.

Hello Meela, how old are you?  I'm 3 in October.
Where do you live?  Levin, New Zealand on a potato farm.
What is your favourite food?  I eat everything (wow! I bet your mum is happy with that)
What is your favourite colour?  Pink, pink and more pink!
What is your favourite pastime?  I love to draw.......on myself and the walls!
Who is your favourite person and why, Meela?  My mum, I love her!  
What annoys you?  My big brothers.  They are 13 and 16 
What is your favourite joke or riddle?  I don't know any but I do like to sing!
What is your favourite 1 Puddle Lane outfit and why?  My dress because it twirls.

And last question, Meela.  What would you like to be when you grow up?  A Ballet Dancer!
Meela's mums said that it's been the coldest winter in Levin, New Zealand in 70 years!!

Thank you Meela for letting me interview you and finding out a bit more about you.  It must be wonderful living on a farm!

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