Friday, October 28, 2011

Not long till Christmas!

Did you know it's only 8 weeks left to Christmas?  I know, it's come as a shock to me too!  So are you getting organised for Christmas presents yet or do you leave it to the last minute?  I'm a bit like the latter!
Image courtesy of:  Design Swan

I have to say that with my 5 week stint to Europe I am not very organised for my Christmas range this year.  Last year I was on the ball and had my range ready to preview in September.  But because we were planning our holiday for September this year my holiday seemed to be the only thing on my mind. 

I have definitely left my run a bit late to buy my Christmas fabric from America as this year, for some reason, postage deliveries are taking up to 6 weeks to arrive.  But not to fear I did my Spotlight and Lincraft trek last weekend in search of Christmas fabric and to be honest I didn't find anything I liked.  So I put on my creative hat and thought what can I do now for my Christmas Range?

It literally just popped into my head 'I'll make my own Christmas fabric' .... true!  So I've decided to do something very different this year and just go with the Christmas colours - red and green - rather than Christmas print fabric.  Of course I found loads of gorgeous red, green and white fabric.  I thought this would also be a better idea as you can dress your little ones in their new outfits after Christmas and because of the style you can put a tee or skivvy under and it can take you through the cooler months!  Fantastic!

Now when I said 'I'd make my own fabric'.....I've decided to try my hand at stencilling!  I used to do a lot of stencilling and fabric painting when my kids were young and let me tell you it's a lot of fun!

So I have some sneak peeks at what I've been up to and all my Christmas stock will be made available at my Market/Sale Night on Wednesday 9th November at 8pm Qld time.  Oh! and I'm excited to say that I'll have some Christmas boys wear available.

Before I start any of my creations I always pop the fabrics in the wash to pre shrink and remove any chemicals

Playing around with paint and stencils
I thought Butterflies would be nice!

This is only a small piece of what I'll be doing for Christmas.  So leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

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