Tuesday, November 22, 2011

HAPPY CUSTOMER INTERVIEW #12 - with Billie Powell

Each week I interview and showcase one special little 1 Puddle Lane happy customer.  This week I'm talking with gorgeous Bille Powell.

Hi Billie, How old are you?  6
Where do you live?  I live in Cronulla
What do you do during the day?  I got to school during the day

What is your favourite food?  I love ice cream, chocolates, apples and mangoes  (mmm! I love mangoes too, Billie!)
What is your least favourite food?   I don't like peas, carrots and corn
What is your favourite colour?  My favourite colour is Silver
What is your favourite past time, Billie?  I love dancing and playing T-Ball
Do you have any pets?  I don't have any pets but I would love a rabbit but mum say 'NO WAY'
Who is your favourite person and why?  My favourite person is my mum as she buys me beautiful clothes
What annoys you, Billie?  When my friends in class talk to me when I am trying to concentrate on doing my work  (I think that would annoy me too, Billie!)
What is your favourite joke?  My favourite joke is:  What did one pencil say 
to the other pencil?  (I don't know Billie, what did one pencil say to the other pencil?) You're looking sharp!!! (hahaha! Billie, that is too funny!)
What is your favourite 1 Puddle Lane dress and why?  I love the one in the photo because whenever I wear it people tell me I look so cute  (And you do Billie!)
And last question, Billie.  What would you like to be when you grow up?  I want to be a florist when I grow up.  As flowers are so pretty and make people happy. 

Thank you Billie for letting me interview you and finding out a bit more about you.  And I would love to buy some pretty flowers from you, Billie, when you grow up.

If you would like your daughter to be in my Happy Customer Interview, please email 1puddlelane@gmail.com 

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